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Great Ayton Business Forum

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14th August 2018

Dear Local Businesses,

RE:  Supporting the Great Ayton Business Forum

Great Ayton Parish Council has, as a key priority, a desire to support the local economy as the heartbeat of our thriving community.  The local economy of Great Ayton has been ever evolving over the centuries, but it has always met the needs of the times and hence the village has seen many changes from the tanning industry, the milling of local crops, ironstone mining and latterly heavy transport.   The economy of today has evolved to serve both residents and visitors alike but it still retains its links to the past surrounded by the ever-present farm lands, rugged countryside and relics of the bygone eras.

The Parish Council remains determined to maintain a dynamic & vibrant village that is attractive to both visitors and residents alike and as such wherever possible seeks to promote links to its colourful history which in turn encourages increasing number of visitors.  Whether exploring the "Cook Trail" or taking advantage of the beautiful countryside on our doorstep, the Parish Council aims to support projects which enhance the village for all.

The relatively recent formation of the Business Forum is therefore supported by the Parish Council for several reasons.  The Parish Council embraces the views of the local business community which are given clarity of purpose through active discussion at business forum meetings.   The Parish Council welcomes opportunities to consult with the business community on issues which perhaps impact the village (Eg road closures, car parking, cycle ways, local transport) and as such the Business Forum becomes the obvious point of contact within the business community.  The Parish Council is relatively small and as such cannot monitor all opportunities for improvement on behalf of local businesses, so it sees the Business Forum as a ‘working group’ able to study issues of importance and offer advice.  

Every Business has something to offer in respect of maintaining our vibrant and dynamic community.  The success of our historic & natural visitor attractions drives the success of our retailers, B&B’s and eateries, which in turn drives further success for our service businesses and all of this maintains a high level of local employment.

Great Ayton Parish Council supports the Great Ayton Business Forum and hence we would ask that your business actively joins them to help evolve, maintain and sustain our local economy into the future.


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