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Captain Cook's Monument

Great Ayton to Captain Cook's Monument on Easby Moor

From the James Cook Sculpture on High Green, cross the road and walk along the High Street with the shops on your right, past the Schoolroom Museum towards Suggitts.  Cross the road again and go over the small footbridge into Waterfall Park.  Walk through the park and through the modern kissing gate on to a track that skirts the cricket and football fields.

Captain Cook's Monument At the pavillion cross diagonally across another football field and down a slope back to the river Leven.  Do not cross over the river again, but follow the path that roughly follows course of the river to a road.  Walk left down the road, cross the iron bridge and take the smaller road to the right up to Woodhouse Farm.

Keeping the farm buildings on your right, follow the farm track all the way up the hill to a small coppice where the track crosses the railway.  The track becomes a more substantial road and ends at a T junction.  Go right, and the road quickly becomes a path again.  Follow the tree-lined path up the hill.  On your right is a field that is very popular in winter for sledging.

The crosses open land briefly before going back under thick coniferous forest.  When the path reaches a bigger track, follow it to the left.  It will turn back to the right and there is a reasonably steep climb to the top.  When it opens up again you will be in sight of the monument.

From the monument, you will be able to see:

  • To the North West: Langbaurgh Ridge and beyond, Middlesbrough
  • To the North: 'The Skyline', Roseberry Topping, and beyond, the Tees Estuary and the North Sea
  • To the North East: Guisborough Moor
  • To the East: Guisborough Moor
  • To the South West, the Cleveland Hills
  • And to the West: Great Ayton and Stokesley

Roseberry Topping and 'The Skyline'

From here you can either:

  • Take the main track down into Gribdale Gate (to the North) and walk along the roads back into Great Ayton
  • Follow the Cleveland way towards Kildale and take a detour through Coate Moor (see Easby Moor Loop walking route) and then walk along the roads back into Great Ayton
  • Head down into Gribdale Gate, and back up the other side on to Great Ayton Moor and along to Roseberry Topping, and then walk back into Great Ayton from there. (See Roseberry Topping walking route)