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Roseberry Topping

Great Ayton to Roseberry Topping

From the James Cook Sculpture on High Green walk along the High Street with the shops on your left, past Park Square and follow the road round to the left as it becomes Newton Road

About 100 yards past the bend in the road cross over to a gate in the high stone wall and continue for 50 yards through the dark coppice through to the Hall Fields.  Continue on this track over the railway lines as it slowly rises up into Cliff Ridge Wood

As you approach the wood be sure to keep it on your right.  There is a track that skirts around the bottom of the slope.

Near to the quarry (where local cyclists can often be found practising stunts) a number of paths all join together and the track becomes a road.  As the road rounds a bend and is about to descend to a stone bridge over the railway line, take a sharp right (almost a U-turn) to go back up into Newton Wood.

Roseberry Topping from Newton Wood The track through Newton Wood gently rises and falls before eventually emerging with a gate at the top of the wood.  Pass through the gate and continue on the well defined path round the right-hand side of Roseberry Topping and up to the summit.

From the top you will be able to see:

  • To the West: Newton Under Roseberry
  • To the North West and North: The Tees estuary and its industrial areas, and beyond, the North Sea
  • To the North East: Hutton Lowcross Wood and behind it, Guisborough
  • To the East: Guisborough Moor
  • To the South East: Great Ayton Moor and 'The Skyline'
  • To the South: Easby Moor with the destinctive Captain Cook's Monument
  • And to the South West, Great Ayton and behind it the long curve of the Cleveland Hills.

At this point it is possible to hook up with the Cook's Monument walking route and Easby Moor Loop walking route by going along 'the Skyline' to Gribdale Gate. 

Descend from the summit by the same route, but instead of heading back to the top of Newton Wood take the path along the grassy slopes, leaving the shooting box on your right.

When you reach a barn, follow the farm track down to the left into Aireyholme Farm.  Pass through the farmyard and on to the lane which dips and then rises again.

At the top of the rise, look for a footpath high up on the banks of the road.  This will take you across a field and back into Cliff Ridge wood where you can retrace your steps down through the Hall fields and into the centre of Great Ayton.

Langbaurgh Ridge from Roseberry Topping