2. Previous Regulations



1.    Tenancies shall be granted on a yearly renewable lease, subject to the payment by the tenant of an annual rent in October of each year, such rent to be determined by the Council.

2.    When an allotment is let, the new tenant must, in addition to any rent payable, deposit the sum of £20 with the Parish Clerk.  This money will be returned to the tenant at the end of the tenancy, provided that, in the opinion of the Allotment Managers, leave the allotment is in reasonably good condition.

3.    The tenant shall keep the allotment free from weeds and well manured and otherwise maintain it in a proper state of cultivation.  The Council shall inspect all allotments twice a year.  Any tenant whose allotment is in an unsatisfactory state after a second inspection may have their tenancy terminated.

4.    The tenant shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other allotment.

5.    The tenant shall not obstruct any path set out by the Council for the use of the occupiers.

6.    No shed or building shall be placed on an allotment unless by prior consent of the Council.

7.    The tenant shall not sub-let or transfer to another person the whole or any part of their allotment.

8.    The tenant shall not bring or cause to be brought into the allotments any dog, unless the dog is all times restrained from wandering.

9.    Hosepipes are not permitted to be used.  Any tenant found to be using a hosepipe will have their tenancy terminated.

10.    No child under the age of 14 years is allowed on the allotments unless accompanied by an adult.

11.    Any case of dispute between tenants shall be referred to the Council, whose decision shall be final.

12.    Any member or officer of the Council shall be entitled at any time, when directed by the Council, to enter and inspect the allotments.

13.    The tenant shall not, without the consent of the Council, cut or prune any timber or other trees, or sell or carry away any mineral, gravel, sand or clay.

14.    Small bonfires only are permitted, and must be tended.  The burning of rubbish which may cause noxious fumes, eg rubber and plastic, is forbidden.  Bonfires must not cause nuisance to neighbours or other allotment tenants.  Smoke from fires lit during the day must not be allowed to drift in the direction of houses.

15.    Skips provided are for the use of allotment holders only.  No refuse at any time will be allowed from outside the allotments.

16.    All garden sheds, greenhouses and fences must be kept in good order, or otherwise removed at the allotment holder’s expense

17.    Tenancies will be terminated as follows:-

(a)    on the death of the tenant, the tenancy will terminate on the next first day of October
(b)    a tenancy will terminate at shorter notice –
(i)    if the rent is in arrears for not less than fourteen days
(ii)    if it appears to the Council that the tenant has not duly observed the above regulations.

18.  Any prospective tenant must reside within one mile of the boundaries of the Parish of Great Ayton