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Cemetery Regulations



No interment shall take place in any part of the cemetery except in those spaces marked on the plans held by the Cemetery Superintendent.  Grave spaces are to be used for coffin or casket burials. 

Eligibility for burial

1.    A resident whose normal place of abode at the time of death was within the Civil Parish boundaries of Great Ayton, Little Ayton and Easby.
2.    A former Resident who would have qualified as above but moved directly from the villages into a nursing/care home, hospital/hospice or were under family care outside the specified boundaries and died whilst in care.
3.    Serving members of the armed forces.
4.    Non-Residents with a current grave reservation.

Burial of Non-Residents with a current grave reservation will be double the Resident charge unless using an existing double depth grave.

Burial of those who do not meet the above conditions is not permitted.

Any memorial erected on a grave must be kept in good order, repair and condition by the owner.  Flat stones and kerbstones are not permitted in the cemetery.  Headstones higher than 3’ 6” are not permitted.  An application to erect a headstone is required in writing, showing measurements and inscription.  

Grave Reservations

On the death of one partner, the surviving spouse or partner may reserve one adjoining grave space.  GRAVES CANNOT BE RESERVED AT ANY OTHER TIME.   A double grave may be requested however these cannot be guaranteed due to the presence of whinstone in some areas of the cemetery.

Reservations are limited to those persons Eligible for Burial at Points 1 to 3 only.

Spaces cannot be reserved for burial of urns in the Garden of Remembrance.

Cremation Memorials and Plaques

Cremated remains of those qualified for burial:
a.    may be buried/scattered in the Garden of Remembrance and a plaque may be placed on the ‘Remembrance Wall'
b.    may be placed in an existing family grave, with an additional headstone inscription.

Cremated remains of those not qualified for burial can be placed in an existing family grave with an additional headstone inscription.

Plaques may be placed on the ‘Memory Wall’ in memory of Aytonians and long term Residents who are at rest elsewhere.

Application in writing is required with details of the name of the deceased and inscription before a plaque may be fixed to either wall.  All Plaques should measure 5” x 2 1/2” and be of bronzed metal with cream lettering.  An additional inscription may be added to existing plaque.

Floral tributes - Remembrance Wall

Floral tributes may only be placed in the vases on the ‘Remembrance Wall’, or on the paved area by the Wall; these must not be placed anywhere else in the Garden.  Vases are stored by the Cemetery Superintendent.   Application must be made to the Cemetery Superintendent one week before vases are required.  When floral tributes have wilted, they are to be removed and the vases returned to the Cemetery Superintendent.  The Council may remove without notice any item which has been placed in contravention of these Regulations. Small spring bulbs – crocuses, snowdrops, etc. may be planted in the grassed area of the Garden.

In the event of dispute, the Parish Council’s decision is final.